Petrol Cars VS Diesel cars is an age-old dilemma & there is no one right choice. It boils down to one's preferences & needs.


But how do these differences play out when purchasing a used car? Let's explore!


  • Price

The resale value for a diesel car continues to be higher than petrol cars in the Indian market, thus making the diesel car more expensive than its petrol counterpart in the used car segment. 

So there is no advantage of a diesel car over a petrol car when it comes to price.


  • Engine Quality

Diesel engines are robust and can do more kilometers than a petrol engine. 

A diesel engine with seventy thousand Kilometers has more life than a petrol engine with a similar number. Thus a diesel car has an advantage here.

In either model, make sure that the car's maintenance is done well by inspecting the previous service records.


  • Resale Value

Here the diesel cars scores again. 

Since the life of a diesel car is more, the resale value continues to be better than the petrol counterpart. 


For example, A diesel Hyundai i20 2017 model with sixty thousand kilometers sells upwards of seven lakhs. A similar vehicle in the petrol version will cost only around six lakhs.


  • Insurance  

Diesel vehicles and their parts are more expensive than a used petrol car. And the insurance cost is directly related to the price of the vehicle. 

As a result, used diesel car insurance premiums can be 10% to 15% higher than their petrol versions.



We hope these points will help you to choose the right used car! Explore fully inspected used vehicles on IndusEasyWheels, now!