General information on Indus EasyWheels platform & queries related to auctions

Yes, you will have to transfer the registration certificate to the owner’s name within 60 days from the date of pickup of the vehicle. Also, please send us a copy of the same to reach4loan@indusind.com.

on Oct 9, 2021

You can collect the registration documents along with Vehicle release letter from base branch.

on Oct 9, 2021

No Objection Certificate will be available within 7-15 days post the full and final payment. Once it is ready, the same will be communicated through SMS & email.

on Oct 9, 2021

Yes, we can arrange this for you. Please reach out to us by Clicking here. Alternatively, you can reach out to the base branch of your vehicle.

on Oct 9, 2021

Indus EasyWheels follows these 3 points to ensure the quality of the vehicle is assessed thoroughly and is available for your use.

  1. Inspection Report: Our empanelled experts assess the vehicle and the detailed inspection reports are available online.
  2. 360-degree images- Visually inspect the car with high-resolution 360-degree images.
  3. Vehicle Videos- Explore the car in depth with videos of the vehicle.
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on Oct 9, 2021

If you are an automotive business owner or an individual looking to buy pre-owned vehicles, Indus EasyWheels is what you are looking for. There are 100+ vehicles with detailed inspection reports available every day in our online auctions. You can now bid & purchase vehicles from anywhere seamlessly on our platform.

on Oct 7, 2021

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