Auction related questions

In case of a closed auction, if you have won the bid, the same will be communicated via SMS & email to your registered number & email ID. This information will be also available under your “My Profile” section.

on Oct 9, 2021

Congratulations! There are 3 more steps before you can pick up the vehicle at the yard.

  1. Pay the token amount.
  2. Pay the full and final amount.
  3. Collect the release letter

This information will be communicated to you through emails and will also be available under my profile section.

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on Oct 9, 2021

Yes, you can use the auto-bid feature for this. You can activate auto-bid by setting up the upper limit for your bid amount. By doing this, every time someone surpasses your bid, your bid amount will be automatically raised by the minimum incremental amount until the upper limit is reached.

You will be notified by SMS & email once the upper limit is reached. Please note that this feature is not available for closed auctions.

on Oct 9, 2021

Sorry! You can only bid on vehicles on your behalf.

on Oct 9, 2021

Sorry! You can’t cancel a bid once it is placed. We encourage you to plan your bid before you place them.

on Oct 9, 2021

An open auction is where you would get to know the highest bid amount at any given time.

A closed auction is where this information is not given out.

on Oct 9, 2021

E-auction is a digital way to conduct a conventional auction. At Indus EasyWheels, you can browse through various online vechile auctions and bid on them from the comfort of your device.

on Oct 9, 2021

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