Follow These Hacks to Win Bids & Bag Your Favorite Vehicle

Registration… Check

KYC Verification… Check

Spotted Your Favorite vehicles…Check


Now that these steps are over, It is time to shift gears and prepare yourself to start bidding!


Follow these five hacks to keep your bidding accurate and bag your favourite vehicle.


1.     Know The Market

It is important to have a fair understanding of the pre-owned vehicle market. Going through price trends for the vehicle you are eyeing will you give you a better idea of the right bidding amount. We are constantly updating our blog section with various industry insights. Do follow them to be on top of the game!


2.     Set a Bidding Range


Setting a lower & upper bidding amount limit is extremely crucial. Don’t bid an amount that is too low as you might not win the auction. Don’t keep the bid limit too high as well, as you may pay more for a vehicle than its usual price. 


3.     Know when the vehicle is up for bidding


If the vehicle that you are eyeing is not in an auction already, simply add it to your Wishlist. By doing this you will be notified when the vehicle is about to go for auction.


4.     Bid on Multiple Vehicles


Don’t aim for just one vehicle as the chance of losing out is higher. Select a handful of vehicles that match your criteria and bid on them. This will increase your chances of winning the auction.


5.     Set up Auto-Bid


Setting up an auto-bid is the easiest way to remain on top of the auction without manual intervention. Make sure you set the upper limit accurately. Each time someone surpasses your bid, it will automatically be raised by the minimum incremental value.



Hope these tips help you bag that vehicle! Happy motoring!