artwork showing car and bike for auction/sale

A bank generally holds the auction ceremony due to various reasons and one could bid for any vehicle there. However, in the last couple of years, the demand for personal mobility has increased. As a result, the sales of used cars or cheaper options to buy cars like auctions have risen exponentially. Also, due to social distancing norms, almost every sector was influenced by online services. Therefore, auctions were even held online for a while. Prominent platforms like Indus EasyWheels offer used cars and used bikes at attractive prices via auctions.

This was done by uploading the images of the cars to be auctioned on the internet. The bidding process was also conducted online. Regardless of the type of auction, generally, regular customers are allowed to buy a vehicle from there. The only exceptions are the auction that are specifically organised for the dealerships. Individuals are not allowed in such closed auctions. For every other type of action, one can easily register and enter. Beware of the registration charges in certain instances, whereas Indus EasyWheels provide complete free registration.


Bank Vehicle Auction

Banks have the power to seize the cars or property of an individual that is placed as collateral in the case of a default in paying back a loan. In such cases, banks have the authority to announce an auction to sell the assets of the defaulter to get back their money. Resultantly, individuals can participate in the auction and place their bids to buy that car. If the vehicle is not accidental and the bank is auctioning it only to get their loan back, chances are that you will get a vehicle in great condition.

That is the chance for you to strike a deal of a lifetime. Because while the banks are trying to get a great value for the car, they are not particularly or overly concerned about profit making. In fact, the bank has to give the additional amount back to the owner if the assets are sold at a higher amount than the loan amount. That is the reason why most people opt to buy a vehicle at an auction. It offers a great value-for-money proposition.


Things to Remember at the Auction

In most auction ceremonies across the country, one is not allowed to actually drive the car. The vehicle will be parked for display at the event. You are allowed to watch it, inspect it, start it up and even sit in it. But driving it is prohibited in most auction ceremonies.

If you are attending the auction for the first time, make sure to acquaint yourself with the rules of engagement. For the newcomers, bidding for the first time and the atmosphere around the place could be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, you must get experience by visiting auctions with your friends for the first time.

You won’t get options in the auctions regarding the variants or colours for the car. Hence, you might have to visit a few auctions before finding the right car for you. This patience will pay off in the discount that you will get on the price of the vehicle. Alternatively, you could try some of India’s leading portals for bike and car auctions like Indus EasyWheels.